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This Code of Ethics shall be the basis of conduct, principles, business practices and ideals for the Association. Ethical standards shall be emphasized by qualifications for membership and a Code of Ethics established to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of the membership. It shall be understood that conduct of any member of the Association inconsistent with the provisions set forth in this Code of Ethics shall be in nonconformance with accepted standards of professional conduct.

Among a member's personal qualities shall be courtesy, friendliness, knowledge of human nature, sound principles, understanding of values and business practice predicated on the basic practices of honesty and integrity. The member's range of contacts requires an understanding of human nature and behavior and the ability to apply him patiently and conscientiously to the task at hand. The member's interest in people is similar to his interest in work or activity and he shall avail himself of every opportunity to build confidence in the industry through his many contacts.

Section 1

It shall be the duty of the member at all times to promote and, in a prudent an honest manner, represent the Association to the public at large and to his fellow members with the purpose of establishing and maintaining goodwill within the chemical industry, the public and the Association. The member shall conduct business relationships and communicate in a manner consistent with professionalism, fairness and honesty, so as to maintain the respect of the energy/chemical industry, the public and his peers.

Section 2

A member shall maintain his relationships with all persons engaged in the energy/chemical industry to a high degree with consistent adherence to established practices of confidence and professionalism.

A member shall not betray the trust of his employer, his client or the Association by converting or seeking for the purposes of conversion any confidential or discretionary information available to him for personal gain for himself or anyone.

A member shall exercise the utmost good faith and loyalty to his employer or client and shall not act adversely or engage in any function or duty in conflict with the interest of his employer or client.

A member shall represent to others his area of expertise and shall not represent himself to be skilled in a professional function or duty in which he is not professionally qualified, certified, or licensed to practice.

A member shall not participate in the conduct of any activity which causes him to be convicted, adjudged or otherwise recorded as guilty by any court of competent jurisdiction of any felony, any offense involving fraud as an essential element, or any other serious crime.

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